Main & Woodlawn

At the corner of Main and Woodlawn, Child and Family Services runs a small operation here at the corner of Main and Woodlawn. Seems like they need additional parking. I usually ride or drive north on Michigan and weeks go by where I won't drive to the end of Woodlawn Avenue to Main Street. Saw this for the first time Thursday afternoon.

Their parking lot used to be enclosed by a cyclone fence. I've heard that parking lot codes have changed. Let me know about the new code and what replaces the old as there are a number of parking lots around the corner on East Ferry that are only covered in loose gravel.
Child and Family Services took over this tan building on the left - corner Main and Woodlawn - about seven years ago. It used to be home to Buffalo Speedometer. On the opposite corner of Woodlawn, Cash Cunningham purchased a former automobile showroom last year. It had been home to various non-performing businesses and was vacant for three years. Cash has done a terrific job in finding an excellent tenant, Budget Rental. It's now well lighted at night and a busy location. I wrote about over here, in March.

There are a number of social service organizations on this part of Main Street between Utica and Ferry, including the Bristol Home. More about these agencies soon...
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Anonymous said...

Parking lots need to have 20% greensopace, their own drainage, AND to have City Planning Board approval and a City Buiding Permit.

fix buffalo said...

anon...thanks, anything about cyclone fencing vs. other kinds of fencing?