Righteous? Let me know...

Three and half years ago there was vision.

Buffalo Spree - March/April 2003 - covered the story of Jessie Schnell's plan for 85 and 91 Genesee Street. It was celebrated.
030403_preservation3 030403_preservation2
Jessie Schnell's vision and Charles Burchfield's sketch, same place.
Where has the vision gone?
Today you can see. No where. Early this evening, and right next door there were long lines waiting to see a show at the Icon. About an hour ago Bradley was there, under a blanket, again in the collapsing remains of an unboarded storefront at 85 Genesee Street.
In describing - what is widely seen by most activists and preservationists as a successs - the fate of the Vernor Building on Main Street that was threatened by demolition, Triangle Development LLC's other partner, Scot Fisher writes...

There is the possibility that a more creative developer may come forward in the future to develop the site using the existing structure, and all we have to do is to help keep the building mothballed until that time.

Scot, well said. But why do repeated requests to secure this building at 85 Genesee Street go unanswered. Sure we're busy. There are always other projects. Yet, it takes nothing to call a construction or rental company and have a secure fence installed. It's a phone call. That's all.

I haven't confirmed the exact amount, but various sources tell me that Triangle Development LLC received up to $45,000 from the City of Buffalo to remediate various structural problems associated with these buildings. If you haven't seen these buildings with your own eyes, you wouldn't believe the long list of public safety and health hazards present here. Here's the location - [google map] 85 and 91 Genesee Street. If there is a building in the downtown core or on the City's near East side in worse shape, show me. I'll send you a gift certificate for lunch at the restaurant of your choice for two, in Buffalo.

Now the question seems to be - who's going to pay for the demolition. Righteous? Please. Even, Carl Paladino returns phone calls.

Two related posts from earlier this week and last week involving 85 and 91 Genesee Street.

update...here's Charles Burchfield's Street Scene - 91 Genesee Street is on the right hand side of the pic.

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Anonymous said...

Went by the site today. Barricades still lying on the sidewalk, fence still town down, site still wide open for the use of Bradley or less benign trespassers, sidewalk still hazardous or impassable for wheelchair users.

Anonymous said...

Good news! I went by today and the owners had the property re-barricaded and re-fenced. Attaboy, Triangle.

Remember the spirited defense of the owners by that realtor guy on Buffalo Rising who said they were well-intentioned people trying desperately to do something good?

Unfortunately, they didn't clean up the site because it was the law or because they're conscientious, or they would have fixed the fence & barricades when they first toppled or were vandalized 2-3 years ago.

They finally fixed it because they were publicly embarrassed into it.

After a while, intentions count for less than actions, or lack thereof.

So, if both of Triangle's properties are for sale, as that realtor insisted, let's get some For Sale signs posted! Get them listed with an agent who can help get them into better hands. It's not too late for a happy ending here.