Inside the 'old' Sattler Theatre

Moments from downtown at 512 Broadway Avenue [google map] still sits the old Sattler Theatre. I've noticed the door open for the past few weeks and the other day we took a closer look and went inside. Here's the slideshow.

According to City records God's Holy Temple is the owner of record. Once inside we could actually feel the vibrations coming from the demolition of the Buffalo Forge site right next door. We wondered if the Sattler Theatre is next. I've written about the Sattler Theatre recently and last October, here. Sure buildings have problems, and the Sattler no doubt has some structural issues, but this place would make an amazing gallery space or some sort of retail and loft space combination, don't you think. Probably get it cheap. Interested, I'll do my best to help you locate the owners. The terra-cotta work is exquisite.

Trying to locate Housing Court records. And sorry for the low picture quality. Still struggling with a 2 megapixel camera.
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