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Great vibe at Artspace this afternoon. Chatted with Mayor Masiello, who got the ball rolling a few years ago. Now with everyone pushing the ball forward in the same direction, what an excellent time. I've long thought of Artspace and Performing Arts in the same breath, sister projects that are essential community building "puzzle pieces." Both projects seemed to be on the verge of tanking back in 2/05. I remember this plea for help and letter writing campaign. And some were questioning the Performing Arts move, too.

Fast forward 18 months...job is getting done with a cool sense of grace and style. Here a few shots that captured my imagination today, while I spent some time at the Artspace Party. And had an opportunity to tour the Coe Place and Ellicott neighborhood with a rep from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

DSCN4389 DSCN4381
I've had serious doubts. Working on one house, buying another. There were so many times - last 10 years here on the City's East Side, across from the new Performing Arts and a stone's throw from Artspace - that I really imagined the light at the end of tunnel was a freight train. Those days are gone.

The light, that light I thought was an on-coming freight train, was really the sun.
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Anonymous said...

Finally it is now the East Sides time to shine....Next stop Broadway