Buffalo, NY in the New York Times...

In case you missed it, a few readers e-mailed the recent New York Times article "After a half century of decline..." that appeared in the September 18, 2006 edition. I've archived the full text along with Mike Groll's photo of the Commercial slip. According to writer Lisa Foderero,
For years Buffalo’s psyche has borne the scars of a once-mighty city reduced to a shadow of its former self...

...Perhaps the biggest surprise is the sudden interest of a young British developer, Bashar Issa, 28, who has worked in Manchester, England, as well as in Dubai and China. He recently bought the Statler Building, a once-elegant 1,100-room hotel that is now a half-empty office tower. Mr. Issa says he plans to pour $80 million into the building to create condominiums, apartments, stores, office space and hotel rooms.“We were trying to penetrate the United States market, and we spoke to a lot of brokers around the country,” he said in a phone interview. “I’m so shocked and surprised that Buffalo has been left behind to a certain extent. It’s the second-largest city in New York State. I really feel I have a second home now.”

I so want to meet this guy. Placed this link in Writing the City.
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