Shooting the President...105 years ago

Yesterday was the 105th anniversary of the shooting of President McKinley. Shortly after 4pm on September 6, 1901 anarchist Leon Czolgosz shot the President in front of the Temple of Music.

Just found this site - McKinley Death. It's the most authoritative collection of documents that I've ever seen surrounding this event. It's way easy to navigate and an outstanding source for information about the darkest chapter in Buffalo's history.
McKinley Assassination Ink (MAI) is not a resource designed to further any particular agenda with respect to the legacy of William McKinley. It is, however, a means for examining America’s first president of the twentieth century—a man who, at the height of his political powers and popularity, was unexpectedly removed from office by a quietly determined American-born anarchist, Leon Czolgosz (pronounced CHOL-gosh). The assassination of William McKinley, adjudged something of a non sequitur even by the assassin’s fellow anarchists, represents America’s first crisis of the twentieth century, an event that occasioned nationwide grief and catapulted Theodore Roosevelt (“that damned cowboy”) to the forefront of American politics. Yet for all its emotional potency and front-page newsworthiness, the assassination resulted in virtually no political instability. read the rest...
Yeah, I know it's not directly East side stuff...yet I'll be starting a nifty new archive about various aspects of Buffalo's history and linking to monographs, archives and historians who write about Buffalo, NY. Favorites? Let me know.
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