Buffalo First

Met-up with Amy Kedron at the café this afternoon. She brought me up to date on a new venture, Buffalo First.

The future of Buffalo rests upon our ability to develop a strong economy, where employment opportunities are ample and wages high enough for people to adequately meet their needs.

While national companies can (and do) generate additional jobs, the benefits they bring to a community are easily negated if local businesses are hurt in the process. As local businesses shut their doors, individuals are forced to clamor for the few (typically lower paying) jobs available locally, or leave town altogether. Either way, Buffalo’s tax base shrinks and the entire region suffers as a consequence.
Amy told me that one of their members is located around the corner on Jefferson Avenue. That's Bart William's PrintEFX. It's located in the new Jefferson Marketplace. Checkout the rest of the members, right here.

I first met Amy last year and gave her one of my first Artspace backyard home and investment tours. We'll be doing that again, soon.

Developing business and keeping money here in Buffalo. Good things.
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