Small, Smaller...and Smallest...

Got the tape out and took a closer look at Coe and Ada Place Friday afternoon. As you can see 28 Coe Place, a bit under 19' wide. The City's house at 29 Ada Place, comes in at a few inchs over 14'. Almost a full 2' narrower than Roger's house.
The 16' frontage over at Roger's house on Bryant, places him in the middle of this pack. And even 29 Ada is not the smallest house in Buffalo. You know which one is? Picture soon. It's here on the East side! Go ahead and comment, if you think you know? Pictures anyone? Hint - you're way off if you think you'll find it near BrewFest at the Central Terminal. Oh, and that's Aaron.
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Anonymous said...

14' is plenty.... we picked 16' because it is a module of 8' ( a common building material length). I think there is a smaller on the westside.

fixBuffalo said...


Thanks. Just back from taking pics. How 'bout 151"...pics, soon.