House of Mirrors

Geoff Kelly and the crew at Artvoice have been helping to keep the message generated by PUSH Buffalo in the local spotlight. Here's Geoff's - Pataki Fiddles, Buffalo Burns, a must read, in this week's issue if you want to get grasp of what's going on in Buffalo's neighborhoods.
For the past six months, People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo) has been waging a guerrilla war against the State of New York’s Municipal Bond Bank Agency (MBBA), a division of the Housing Finance Agency which holds the liens on 1,499 tax-delinquent properties in the City of Buffalo...“It’s a house of mirrors,” said Eric Walker.
Too bad that two of the 1499 properties that Geoff writes about are in Artspace's backyard - 28 and 39 Coe Place.
DSCN4073 DSCN4075
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Here's the on-line and searchable spread sheet I created listing all 1499 properties in Buffalo currently being held hostage by our good friends in Albany - Hostage List. Wonder if this list includes the other list mentioned this past week at Buffalo Rising.

Why go to the Albright-Knox to see the house of mirrors? Walk down a City street, open your eyes, you'll see. Come over to Coe Place. We've got two!
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