Just steps from Main Street...#2

Just off Main Street and in Artspace's backyard is another well cared for home. There are many late 19th century brick homes just like this dotting the streets of the City's near East Side, steps from Main Street.
Check out the collection - East Side Beauty - updated weekly for additional beautiful spots on the City's near East side.
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Anonymous said...

this is so sweet! is it occupied? is someone taking care of it? i feel the need to organize to help these homes stay standing.

Anonymous said...

looks like the one next door is in good condition too. Too bad we can't get rid of these so that a new plastic house could go up here

fixBuffalo said...


yes this is occupied. People here love there spot.


so snarky...there are seven of these older brick homes clustered nearby. All occupied and in good shape. The rest is an urban prairie.