And so it goes...

Went back early this evening for this last pic.
Here's the background. Fell in love with the view from atop the roof here since stumbling upon 669 last January. There is no roof-top place in Buffalo where I've ever counted as many steeples, like stars I lost count.

To better understand what's happening here in Buffalo - with the pervasive hollowing out of the East Side and seemingly record number of demolitions going on - just wondering if the comprehensive strategy or plan for these demolitions of City owned property is available for review by the general public. Plan and prices...any transparency?

Anyone know the price tag of this demolition?

The building was structurally sound, save a small area around one window. Wonder why it was placed on the demolition list when "moth-balling" would have been a lot less expensive. Savings could have gone for more pressing issues, such as properly securing the Woodlawn Row Houses or some pretty scary demo candidates like these, which were still wide open as of early this evening.
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Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking!!!!! That view from the top was definitely very splendid!!!! PITY!!!