Housing Court Watch - 85 Genesee Street

Just learned that Triangle Development LLC will be in Housing Court tomorrow [correction, see comments] morning regarding the property at 85 Genesee Street. The case - index# 1860/2005 - has been in front of Judge Nowak since October, 2005. Here's all the background information.

I've already planned to be in Court tomorrow morning involving the matter of 1572 Jefferson Avenue. I'll update on 85 Genesee Street when I learn more, probably tomorrow afternoon.

Still no word from Jessie Schnell, President of Forever Elmwood regarding her plans for 85 Genesee Street.


BuffaloRox said...

Docket says 9/30, which is Saturday not Friday. I didn't realize that Housing Court had Saturday morning hearings.

fixBuffalo said...


Thanks for pointing this out. In fact, both cases which I thought were scheduled for tomorrow, Friday are infact as you point out scheduled for Saturday.

If Saturday is the date, that'll be news to me regarding Judge Nowak's schedule.

I'll call the court first thing in the morning. Thanks again...

fixBuffalo said...

Just back from Housing Court...Judge Nowak infact does have Saturday morning Housing Court - news to me - and both cases I'm following 85 Genesee and an un-related case at 1572 Jefferson are on the docket for tomorrow morning.

Sorry for the confusion.

fixBuffalo said...

Just spoke with one of Judge Nowak's assistants. Saturday dates are administrative only, to keep track of fast changing events behind the scenes.

The next appearance date will be re-scheduled soon. Stay tuned.