Only in Buffalo..."On Broadway..."

Lots of drama on Broadway this week. An architect flew in from Berlin to see the Sattler and got a guided tour. DK PhotoGroup members were here today shooting, too. This is from Sean.
Here's Sean's slideshow of the buiding's interior. And Matthew's slideshow, same subject. While DK was in town, I spent some time a few blocks away in the Grosvenor Room and delved into the Buffalo History collection at the Central Library. I needed to learn more about these neighborhood theaters that used to dot the East side.

Originally constructed in 1914 and designed by Henry and William Spann, the Sattler cost $35,000 to build, according to a June 1914 American Architect article. The theatre was originally run by John G. Sattler. In 1920, the Basil Brothers took over operations and re-named the building the Broadway. It appears as though movies were shown here untill 1965. Don't know yet how long God's Holy Temple, the current owner, has been here. Ranjit's 2002 work indicates the theatre had already been vacant for a few years.

Ranjit Sandhu's collection, located in the Grosvenor Room at the Central Library is the most authoritative source for Buffalo Theatre History. It remains unpublished and is only available if you ask. And yes this is the same John G. Sattler of Buffalo's retail hall of fame, Sattler's. This is cool. See Karl Josker's pics and my recent pics of 998 Broadway, today.

Go to Broadway. The bulldozers are just about finished next door at the former Buffalo Forge site. Will this be next? Probably.

You won't want to miss DK PhotoGroup's other project - Orphaned in Buffalo.
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WestCoastPerspective said...

Amazingly beautiful. Amazingly shameful that it sits empty.