Kmiec's Folly - Part II

In case you missed it the Buffalo News covered the opening of our latest McChurch, right here on Tuesday. At least they took the sign down.
"We'll have to be transparent, to make people feel
as if we're not concocting something behind their back."
- Bishop Kmiec
Church of the Golden Arch DSCN4009
click image to enlarge
Read more about Kmiec's Folly that I've been following for the past year. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of living where you really want to, but this is way out of line when you consider that some of his places end up looking like this.
Brace yourself, the Bishop's Journey to Avoid Housing Court is getting ready to heat up.
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BuffaloRox said...

I'm surprised that you're being so hard on the Bishop. Since all those old churches are so difficult to find a re-use, don't you think building a new multipurpose building to serve as a church is a good idea? If the parish continues to dwindle, the building could be sold or leased to a fast food chain. ;-)

fixBuffalo said...


You make my point. Difficult, sure. Impossible, no!

Re-examining why parishes are failing and perhaps leading by example by returning - even to the City's near East Side - would be a step in the right direction regarding the bishop's residence.

WWJD? He certainly wouldn't live is the residence with the highest assesment. Then again, I've never been a catholic and am not particularly religous.

So, I guess the sarcasm meter was on high, one night when I wrote Collaborative Effort?