Kmiec's Folly...

While City residents brace themselves for the release of the report, "Journey to Avoid Housing Court," where Bishop Kmiec will further distance himself from the neighborhoods where some of the City's most significant architectural and historic buildings are located, the City's newest catholic church is almost ready to open at the corner of Hickory and Eagle. Check out construction pics from November, December (must see), March and May.

Let's hope for the Bishop's sake this church doesn't open the same week or month dozens more close. Wonder if the diocese has a PR firm on retainer?

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The image on the left looks like Darth Vadar's birth place and the main entrance faces a parking lot. Probably nicer than the trailer parishoners are using currently.


On the other side of the parking lot I spotted the bell. Like, where's the bell going? If a reader here could comment on what happened to St. Bridgets Church, I'd appreciate it. I believe there was a devastating fire a few years ago. Pictures and or additional details would be appreciated.

I still think the Bishop should sell the Mansion at 79 Oakland Place and move into an inner City rectory. WWJD? Lead by example and leave the the most expensive piece of City real estate behind. Read more in the Annals of Neglect...

79 Oakland Place Transfiguration Church - Interior
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79 Oakland Place - the most expensive residential property in the City of Buffalo - on the left and the sanctuary of Transfiguration Church on the right. A reminder of what happens when the Church "flips" property and nothing happens!
Join me this Sunday as I lead the Tour de Neglect. It's a PresCo sponsored bicycle tour through the heart of the City's East Side. We'll be visiting some of the sites that the Catholic Church sold to unsuspecting buyers back in the 90's during round one of the downsizing. Yes, we'll be visiting Transfiguration...
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Anonymous said...

I hate to agree with the fact that the church is not architecturally pleasing. There was no consulatation on the building with professional liturgical/architectural types. It is a mis-match of pre and post Vatican II style slapped together in a mess; neither inviting nor up-to-date with modern Catholic architecture.
The former church burned down 2 and one half years ago.
Almost every new build in the Diocese of Buffalo faces AWAY from the street for some reason. (Cf St. Barnabbas, Depew, St. Mary of the Lake, Hamburg -- also faces the parking lot).
As for Transfiguration, the Diocese SOLD that to someone who screwed it up. That was not the fault of the RC Diocese.
In the BUSINESS of the Church, the souls of people do not mean as much as financial people and Bishops feathering their nests.Parish priests have little control over what is happening.

As far as the new church being nicer than the trailer, at least the trailer was honest and straightforward.

And don't worry, the Diocese has plenty of high-priced PR types and Attorneys on retainer.

The mansion -- or RESIDENCE as it is called -- is at 77 Oakland place, not 79. It has the Bishop's Coat or Arms above the door and flys the American and Vatican/Papal flags.

Another thing, with Rick's Tally Ho Mansion on the Park, I don't think the Bishop's house is the most expensive place in the City any more.

And here is a great piece of Irony...25 years ago, Fr. Roy Herberger, pastor of Darth Vader's House, called on Bishop Head to sell the Mansion. I know this because my pastor mentioned it in his sermon in Church today!

If it was not for my little Church, I don't think I'd stay a Catholic.uu

fixBuffalo said...

I appreciate your thoughtful insight into these issues...

I've had various members of the former Transfiguration parish describe the final days. Items being stripped and sold. Perhaps alittle more due diligence on the Bishop's part and un-qualified people/organizations should be ruled out.

Just checked City records. There is no 77 Oakland. 79 is owned by the diocese.

You may be right about Rick's, with latest round of reassessment.

Thanks for the inside track about Fr. Roy.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about 79 Oakland...the Buffalo Catholic Diocesan Directory lists Bishop Kmiec,Fr. LiPuma and Fr. Litwin all (individually) at the Bishop's Residence at 77 Oakland. It is also commonly referred to by priests as "77 Oakland Place" and has been for years.
I just found this website today --very interesting and delightful.

fixBuffalo said...


thanks for checking things out! Click around the archive for more...