Fix(ed-up) Buffalo stays Urban...Part II

Didn't happen. She came to town! She's in the area for a few weeks, so look forward to some sustained suburban sport criticism in the near future. Transportation to the 'burbs sans auto is nearly impossible and my ghetto cell service drops out just past Transit Rd.

Part I - and if you are not from Blogistan...you probably have no idea what this post is about. (You're not missing much...really...) Meanwhile I've noticed some more rather strident suburban righteouness in the ether over the weekend, good for the 'burbs - I guess.

Meanwhile, Mr. Snarky from suburbia - who checked the comments section of Part I over 10 times this weekend - begin reading Joel Kotkin to learn more about your neck of the woods. I especially enjoy Joel Kotkin's - Rise of the Ephemeral City, you should, too.
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