And Another Real Estate Tool...

In the past few months I've written about Zillow and RealestateABC two excellent web 2.0 applications that have helped a few readers identify residential real estate for some pretty good tire-kicking and investment. Here's that post. I love the functionality of incorporated into RealestateABC and their use of the the google maps interface. I especially like working with the various real estate oriented calculators they've embedded.
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I've just learned about another web 2.0 real estate tool, Trulia. I've just signed up for a free account and can keep track of my various searches and receive e-mail updates. Cool. You can search on various terms, $, zip-code, type etc...all of the results are displayed in the convenient and cool looking google maps interface. Trulia works just as well if you've decided to stay in Buffalo and settle in, move to Clarence and hang with the BuffaloPundit or if you are re-locating to Richmond, VA where two friends just picked up their first year teaching jobs (rumor has it that they are looking for a new director of city planning dept...I wonder???).

Let me know what you think of Trulia. Can mls.google.com be far behind?
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