Woodlawn Row Houses - July 2007

The long slow demolition of the Woodlawn Row Houses is almost assured. On a weekly basis, I'm reboarding the rear boards and vandals have become bolder recently and increased their efforts of seeing this City of Buffalo owned local landmark destroyed by removing the boards in front, too. I know Mayor Byron Brown lives a few blocks away and I thought after he was elected the Woodlawn Row Houses might be better secured. Recently Lou Petrucci - the Mayor's Housing Czar - approached me in City Hall and said that a group might be interested. Which group? Bethel CDC. Their Executive Director, Ben Upshaw told me it's not on the radar screen...meanwhile, Lou, why not get the place properly secured?

I took these pics the other day...


click image to enlarge

Maybe if the City owned Woodlawn Row Houses are still standing when the 30 million dollar rehab is completed on the new home of Performing Arts High School, 100 feet away, they will get a new lease on life. That's September 2007...Think they'll last?

Here's the map that shows the proximity of Performing Arts High School and the Woodlawn Row Houses.

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