Post Office...Closing?

On the way to the Post Office, Main & Northampton, Friday afternoon, I noticed the sign on the door indicating that half the post office operations from this building, next door to the new Artspace, have relocated. 14208 services half the area for this facility. One of the letter carriers that I spoke to said that in a few weeks the rest of the facility at on Northampton and Main will be relocating, too. Reason given, the building is now un-safe due to construction activity next door at Artspace. I'll be confirming this with postal officials on Monday morning.
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Last summer, building owner Mark Pagano - who sold the building next door to Artspace - was literally blindsided by a planned Postal Service relocation from his building. He found out, the day of the public hearing by postal officials who had promised transparency in public relations. For some reason, after numerous public hearings archived here - 14209 Post Office Relocation Archive - the planning process was suddenly stopped. Mark informed me earlier this Spring that he was looking forward to putting HHL on the job of reworking the facade of the Post Office builidng in keeping with Artspace.

Meanwhile you can take the bus - 4.5 miles away to pick up your packages down at Buffalo's incredibly shrinking main post office just off William Street. Here's the map. Last year postal officials told me that most mail sorting for this end of NYS was moved recently and now takes place in Rochester. According to the nifty NFTA on-line and real time schedule it takes 30 minutes to get to the William Street PO - the 8B and transfer to the 1B during regular business hours.

So, check back on Monday, I have a call in to the building's owner and plan to check in with postal officials, too.
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