Buffalo Forge...Demolition

While trolling through photos tagged with "Buffalo" over at flickr, I noticed this set of "demolition" pics from sayvanderlay's collection. (Some cool HO Oats shots, too.) He has a few pics of the demolition going on over at the site of the former Buffalo Forge that is just getting underway.
We don't need no stinking permits!
Buffalo Forge is where Willis Carrier (1876 - 1950) started out and developed air conditioning in 1906. At the time it was called an "Apparatus for Treating Air." Carrier Corporation, now a wholly owned subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, has a cool slide show with pics and text of Willis Carrier and his legacy, right here. Carrier currently employs 45,000 people, globally! One that got away...

Here's a cool map of the Buffalo Forge site in the block bordered by Mortimer and Spring, Sycamore and Broadway. Great shots of the ever increasingly larger urban prairie, too!

I'll venture over to the site sometime this weekend for some more pics.


BuffaloRox said...

Sad to see that old industrial site go. Cool brick building. I love the old Iroquois Brewery right around the corner.

Syracuse is in even worse shape as Carrier completely pulled the plug on several thousand jobs.

fixBuffalo said...


When I was last down there, late last summer, it appeared that the bldg used by the brewery - once upon a time - was still in use, by someone.

Any Buffalo Forge links to share? I'd especially like to hear from people who may have worked at this location...

btw...I have a "guest pass" set aside for you for the next Tour de Neglect. Can you make it?