Second Body...

The body of 27 year old Yvonne Peterson was found in an abandoned, boarded, derelict and vacant house at 830 Sycamore Street Thursday afternoon. I first wrote about the large number of abandoned houses, especially around recently rebuilt Buffalo Public Schools in March of 2005 in a lengthy post called, School House Project. I then linked to this grisly story from Detroit and the dismemberment of Jalonna Stafford's 19 year old body. We are only missing the dog, for now...

According to today's Buffalo News the West Side is embroiled in a gang war, the East Side seems to be the place where death comes via vacant houses.

Hello Byron? Please send a City crew over to the City owned Woodlawn Row Houses that are still not properly secured after three years of City ownership. At a minimum shouldn't all City of Buffalo owned property be properly boarded and secured? Then again, perhaps I'm expecting too much.

Here's a new map of the mayhem brought by abandonment and vacancy in Buffalo, NY.

A more sensible approach to managing the decline of Buffalo, NY has to be strategized and deployed. Demolition of structures that are radically beyond repair should be demolished on a very short notice. A new City department or sub-department of Demolition could be established. Large industrial sized grinders could be used along with additional resources from our National Guard Troops could be deployed. The Guard has used bulldozers for snow removal here in Buffalo and the same equipment could be used to demolish hundreds of dilapitated houses. Inventory and moth ball the houses that should be saved. Burn the rest...tomorrow wouldn't be too soon.

Remember Shawn Luchey.

RIP Yvonne.

How many more bodies have been stuffed inside Buffalo's 1000's of abandonded and vacant houses? Wanna venture a guess?
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