Yeah, the last template got old. It was almost two! Everything seemed to wander over to the new template with out much trouble. The creative genious of the guys at Gecko & Fly provided the latest template and Google still provides the backbone. Love Google, picasa and their latest acquisition, Writely - an on-line word processor that I use to archive all sorts of things from BN articles to larger docs. I'll invite you if you wanna use it. Zoho is still the web 2.0 application of choice for posting. And Flickr is the bomb. I weeded out the site seeing over on the right hand side. If you're not represented and wanna be, e-mail me and we can figure things out...links will end up in alphabetical order, soon.

The blog behind my blog, fixbuffaloarchive, will be tweeked in a few days. A third of my google hits end up coming from posts over there. I started it before I knew much about blogging.

I think it's a bit cleaner and easier to navigate. Let me know if you run into any problems or broken links...
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1 comment:

dcoffee said...

Just one criticism of the new design. The text is too small.
You have a wide space for text so there is no reason to cram your posts by using such a small font.
Sure you can still read it, but it makes your eyes fatigued, people will not read as much of your writing because of that fatigue.
it's a simple adjustment to the style sheet, I'd highly recommend changing it.