A Collaborative Effort...
In case you missed it this week, Bishop Kmiec announced plans that seemed to please nobody, again. Bishop Kmiec unveiled what he called a diocesan "preemtive adaptive re-use plan" for the city's next Catholic church.
Church of the Golden Arch
Dubbed by some local priests as the second in series of planned "McChurches" these "structures" can easily be fitted for fast food, when parish levels drop below 500 families. The Catholic church has recently been criticized by a handful of local east-side residents for not properly taking care of vacant and architecturally significant buildings. Today, construction crews were busy erecting the first sign of this new collaborative effort lead by Bishop Kmiec's vision for New Buffalo and East side residents.

David Franczyk, Common Council President and presumed Fillmore Avenue resident, was busy this week discussing the merits of "preemptive adaptive re-use" of additional Church property. He was seen at the Broadway Market area Burger King expanding on Bishop Kmiec's plans and discussing the matter with Auxiliary Bishop Edward Grosz from St. Stanislaus Parish. Grosz liked the idea of adding a kiosk next to his new alter. A call to Franczyk's staff confirmed this. Bob, who wouldn't give the reporter his last name, said they were busy checking with sources in Albany for possible funding.

Buffalo's other elected local "preservationist", NYS Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, didn't want to commit himself about the merits of Bishop Kmiec "preemptive adaptive re-use" plans or possible sources for additional funding. "It's pre-mature to comment at this point," Sam said. "Let's wait and see what they plan to do with the green-space before we do anything."

And so it goes... see also Buffalo's first McChurch.
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