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I totally forgot to mention that Anna Hausmann over at Buffalo Spree mentioned this little Masten neighborhood blog in a recent issue of Buffalo Spree Magazine. Some of the bigger blogs were mentioned, too. Here's the piece.
Fix Buffalo – This site focuses almost exclusively on structures on the East Side owned by the city, especially the Woodlawn Row Houses in the Masten District, which have fallen into disrepair. The author saves a great deal of his ire for the City of Buffalo, which owns many of the properties he highlights. The city is apparently immune from any sort of action to reverse its demolition by neglect. The site and blog focus on the beautiful vernacular architecture of the East Side and advocates to end the blight that plagues the neighborhood.
Thanks Anna. Looking forward to bringing some suburban Buffalo Spree readers along on the Preservation Coalition's Tour de' Neglect in the late Spring and early Summer months.
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