Mecca or Rome?

As the Buffalo Diocese and Bishop Kmiec continue to support the entire notion that, "the church is not about buildings," a new architecturally insignificant McChurch is rapidly taking shape at the corner of Hickory and Eagle streets here in Buffalo, NY. I first mentioned this in November and more construction pics in December.
The Bishop's Journey to Avoid Housing Court can now be seen within a larger emerging shift in the role religion plays on Buffalo's East Side. Mecca is now providing more support to Buffalo's East Side! Read the recent Buffalo News article that BroadwayFillmoreAlive.org archived right here.

Mary Kunz Goldman from the Buffalo News just got into a row with the Bishop's talking head recently, over here regarding the Catholic Church's failure to ignite community redevelopment in the void that is now being filled by a Mosque.

Read more about Sheikh Ibrahim Memon and the Darul Uloom al Madania, right here.
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Sulayman said...

Darul Uloom is not that bad a school. The site you linked to is biased. Sheesh.

fix buffalo said...

Many of my readers would like to know what 'you' mean by biased? How should a school like this be measured? Is the curriculum open for inspection? Where was it written? Who approves the school's charter?

Go ahead explain.