Diocese Strikes Back!

The Buffalo Diocese's talking head, Kevin Keenan struck back this week! In Saturday's Buffalo News he basicially said, don't blame us...we didn't cause the problem over at Transfiguration Church. Here's what Kevin said.

This runs contray to what at least one reader commented on, over here, with regards to the condition of Transfiguration Church before it was flipped for $7,000 to local attorney Buffalo William (Bill) Trezavant and his mother, Pauline Nowak.
...when the parish closed in 1993 they had already been using a renovatedspace in one of the other buildings for a couple years since the churchitself was already falling apart; the deterioration of the buildingstarted long before it was sold by the diocese (an area resident toldme that later priests just sort of “let the place go”)
Kevin Keenan of course is responding to my criticism, Buffalo Rising's questioning and Buffalo News columnist Mary Kunz Goldman's severe criticism of the Church's abandonment of traditional neighborhood duties in the urban core. Here's what she wrote earlier in the week.

This comes as the Buffalo Diocese prepares it's local parishoners for it's Journey through Faith and Grace to avoid Housing Court.

And so it goes...
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