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Make sure to pick up a copy of the latest Artvoice this afternoon. Three great articles that focus on various aspects of the City's East Side Housing Crisis and the cover story about abandoned, boarded, derelict and vacant houses around some of the newest City schools.

The Woodlawn Row Houses are featured in one of the articles, written by staff intern Daniel Honigman. The article, Home Improvement shouldn't come as a surprise to FixBuffalo readers.
For a city in dire need of a unique selling point, the Woodlawn Row houses on Woodlawn Avenue represent a perfect example of a fix-it-up opportunity for Buffalo, and a chance to help improve its image.

Built in 1894, the Woodlawn Houses are one of only three examples left in Buffalo of the row house design, a traditional form of urban architecture. Known for their sturdiness as well as the ability to blend seamlessly into city streetscapes, row houses are seen in many metropolitan cities all over the world.

The houses, located on 147-153 Woodlawn Avenue, are no secret. Or are they? Read the rest...

The second article, Salvaging a Dream profiles some of the more innovative work of Eastside Activist Michele Johnson. I profiled her plans and what other cities are doing about alternatives to demolition last year. I've called it De-constructing Buffalo. Lots of excellent links.

Today's cover story points to a persistant problem. I covered a small part of it here, School House Project one year ago. Make sure to check out this post about the abandoned BMHA Glenny Drive Apartment complex featured in the Artvoice cover story. Lots of photos!
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