Woodlawn Row Houses - March 2006

I began photo documenting the long slow and painful process of the demolition by neglect of the Woodlawn Row Houses in March 2004. The houses were vandalized recently and despite my best efforts at reboarding, I just can't keep up.

"Hello Antoine Thompson, Masten District Councilman..."
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The Woodlawn Row Houses, for those of you who are new to my blog, were designated a "local landmark" by the City's Preservation Board in 1981. The abandonment and neglect here at the Woodlawn Row Houses motivated me to gather awareness about these issues and begin blogging my neighborhood. The City of Buffalo has owned these this piece of our architectural legacy for the past three years.

Here's the complete archive of monthly updates. If you get as pissed off as I do about the City's malfaesance and inability to properly manage this property, please do not call Masten District Councilman Antoine Thompson. He's done nothing. You wouldn't even know the property is for sale by walking or driving by, would you?

And so it goes...read the next post about some positive neighborhood developments.
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