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Saw the following letter in yesterday's Buffalo News calling out the diocese's talking head, Kevin Kennan. Howard Beenten of Kenmore writes,
The diocese calls its program, "Journey in Faith and Grace." Faith? If the diocese had faith, it wouldn't be talking about closing parishes. It would be expanding, not retreating, and it would have enough priests because it would have plenty of vocations. Grace? That comes from God and one must accept it. Again, if the diocese had grace, it would be flourishing instead of dying.
I've actually dubbed Bishop Kmiec's program "The Journey to Avoid Housing Court." Kevin Keenan's March 11 "My Voice" Buffalo News piece is archived, right here. Yawn...

Got this comment last night over here, about a recent post I did about the 1993 diocesesan debacle on Sycamore Street, aka Transfiguration Church.
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