Transfiguration, SNAFU...

I've tried engaging William Trezevant - the wizard behind Paul Francis Associates, Inc. and the owner of Transfiguration Church - in a civil e-mail exchange. I've failed terribly. I asked him recently the following...
Meanwhile, if there is a material mis-representation in my posting about Transfiguration here or more recently, over here let me know. I will gladly post your corrections.
He only responded with bombast and hyperbole that seems to be characteristic of his dealing with folks from the Inspections Dept. who are trying to get these matters resolved. He didn't offer a single correction.

In a second round of e-mails I asked Bill Trezevant the following:
1. Does Paul Francis Associates, Inc., a Delaware Not for Profit corporation still have its principal office as 1834 Ontario Place, NW Washington DC, 20009-2109?

2. What is your relationship to the the above mentioned corporation?

3. Does Pauline Nowak [your mother] know there is an outstanding housing court warrant for her arrest here in Buffalo, NY issued by Judge Fiorella on September 25, 2002?

4. If so, can you please explain why she hasn't turned herself in? If no, will you kindly provide her address so the warrant can be served. As an officer of the court, I know you know these are important matters.

5. Are you Pauline Nowak's attorney?

6. What are your plans for Transfiguration? You've seen my photos and other people's photos of the church's interior. Will you make yourself available for an interior inspection? Specifically, I like to know what your immediate short term plans are and secondly what your longer term plans may or may not include. Be specific, and remember that "hope is not a plan."

7. Who are the other officers of Paul Francis Corporation?
Same bombast. He did suggest that I go to law school. I laughed. I know Bill reads this blog on a regular basis now and I imagine one of these days I'll have the opportunity to meet up with him in Judge Nowak's Housing Court.
Transfiguration Church

Transfiguration Church Transfiguration Church
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Today I took the opportunity to check out Transfiguration once again. I took the following shots. Note the condition of the slate roof. I found a few pieces of this slate very close to the Mills Street sidewalk. I picked one up as a souvenir. I'll bring it to court and return it to him, rather soon I expect.

I did offer to remove his name from my blog and any reference to his dealings with Transfiguration if he could assure me that the residents of Buffalo would not be hit the demolition bill for Transfiguration. He gave me no such assurance.

Part of the problem these days is that Buffalo will soon have a surfeit of old churches on the market with the Bishop Kmiec's Journey to Avoid Housing Court in full swing. The churches like Transfiguration that were dumped in the Diocese's first round of church flipping 10 years ago, will face the wrecking ball. The only question remains is who is going to pay that Bill?

Interesting stuff from the Erie County Board of Elections the other day regarding campaign contributions to his recent bid for the Ellicott District Council seat...developing...

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WestCoastPerspective said...

What becomes of the closed churches is a tragedy- and it is only going to get worse. For everyone that is saved, three more go unloved. It is disgusting.

TobiVI said...

This situation makes me so sad. This is my old church ... where I had my communion and confirmation. I went to Transfiguration school to 3rd grade, and I lived in this neighborhood until I was a senior in high school.

I wish there was a way to save this beautiful church. But I am sure that, like the house I grew up in, Trans will fall vicitm to demolition at some time soon. It's a crime the way landmarks like this are ignored and neglected.

Probably the most ironic thing, at least to me, is that my name is also Paul Francis !! I almost feel guilty for not being the Paul Francis with the resources to do something about Transfiguration.