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Just noticed this piece, What Price Abandonment? over at the West Village Renaissance Group blog. As frequent readers of this blog know, I've been covering this beat and drumming that drum here on this, the other side of Main Street, Buffalo's East Side since October '04. It's finally good to have some company in the local Buffalo blogosphere.
They Decrease Property Values...
In a 2001 study,
researchers from Philadelphia found that houses within 150 feet of a neglected vacant property experienced a net loss of value of $7,627. Those within 150 to 300 feet experience a loss in value of $6,819 and those within 300 to 450 feet of such a property depreciated by $3,542.
This full texts of these reports sited in the West Village Blog story can be found here at The National Vacant Properties Campaign.

I first learned about this national organization back in February '05, over here. Recently, I saw this on West Utica and have been very concerned about this beauty along Humboldt Parkway.

Check out this story that I covered in October '05 regarding the 23,000 vacant and abandoned properties in the City of Buffalo. Maybe we'll get a recount in 2006!
DSCN2226 DSCN2229
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On a more serious note, if you are interested in that Humboldt Parkway House, located at 2 Girard Place, that we finally got into Housing Court for the first time last August, check out the total lack of progress by clicking on the docket number:
  • Buffalo Housing Court Case #868/2005 on January 9, 2006 at 930am.
Wanna bet the defendent, Cedric Walker is another no-show. I'll be there, again. Stay tuned.
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