Woodlawn Row Houses - January 2006

Here the latest pics of the City owned property that inspired me to start blogging about my neighborhood here on the City's East Side. The Woodlawn Row Houses were designated a local-landmark in 1983 by the Preservation Board. They are directly across the street from the new and future home of Performing Arts High School.

Here's the complete archive of montly updates, from March 2004. Demolition by neglect, if you ask me. I think Byron Brown, Buffalo newest mayor lives nearby, here in Masten. I'll find out and do a google map depicting the proximity of the Woodlawn Row Houses to Byron's house. He used to represent Masten as a Councilman, just a few years ago.

Here's a few maps showing the location of the Woodlawn Row Houses. The first map is a Sanford fire map from the 1920's. The Woodlawn Row Houses are in the SE corner of the intersection in the map's middle. When you click and enlarge this map, notice how many row house clusters there were and how densly settled the neighborhood was. The map on the right shows the new home of Performing Arts High School in the middle. This replaced Offerman Stadium in 1962. The Woodlawn Row Houses are diagonally across from the school's main entrance on Masten.

Sanborn Map Image Satellite Image
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