More Transfiguration Pics...

Thanks to Flickr member, AJ14201 I came across some recent shots along Genesee Street. I've been all over 669 Genesee and the City's complete lack of responsible ownership and management of the site. Right across the street from 669 at the Sol Lenzer building, another 500K demo job, that we'll be swallowing soon...I saw this political poster from a recent Ellicott District wanna be...Imagine, running an entire Council District like he's done his business with the Transfiguration Church!
Frequent readers know that I've been following various chapters in the Annals of Neglect and especially how the 1995 sale of The Transfiguration Church to William Trezavant's shady shell corporation, headed by his mother and Housing Court fugitive Pauline Nowak is nothing but a harbinger of things to come with Bishop Kmiec's own journey to avoid Housing Court now in full propaganda mode.

This evening I stumbed upon some additonal interior shots of The Transfiguration Church from a way cool urbex site, Undercity.org, which is worth checking out. Here the pics and two of my favorites.
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Anonymous said...

Is the pipe organ still inside Transfiguration? I imagine it is long gone by now, but I wonder