Koons Avenue..."What's Happening?"

I re-visited a city of Buffalo owned property at 319 Koons Avenue just a short ways away from the recently renovated Harvey Austin School located at 1405 Sycamore.
Harvey Austin School
Here's the google map showing the proximity of 319 Koons to the Harvey Austin School, one of Buffalo newest public schools.
DSCN0032 DSCN0033
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I first visited 319 Koons last April. I returned in May. In July I visited 319 Koons and compared the City's stewardship of this place with some more familiar places on the City's west-side. I was also reminded of the terrible quadruple murder on Koons...
It sits directly across the street from 320 Koons Avenue, the scene of a four brutal murders in April. It's still wide open in the back, 100 days after informing John Hannon, Director of Real Estate that the property needed his immediate attention.
So, will someone please tell me what's happening here on Koons Avenue? A new City school and at least two examples of abandoned, boarded, derelict and vacant City owned property in the immediate proximity of a center for education and learning. Think about it. If these properties were on Elmwood or in North Buffalo...would it take a year or longer for these properties to be properly boarded and secured? What's it going to take. Four more murders...a child being abducted before the condition of City owned property becomes a priority.

Meanwhile just a block away at 191 Goodyear Avenue, nothing has changed. Picture on the left is from January 2005 and on the right yesterday. See the relationship between 191 Goodyear and the Harvey Austin School, right here.

Check out the School House Project.
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