Another Cool Mapping Tool...

I learned something about the ethnic makeup of Buffalo, NY the other day from a company called ERsys.com that compiles data from 2600 cities across the country.
The following map shows the overall ethnic makeup of the Buffalo, NY area. In the case of this map, ethnic makeup is defined as an individual who falls within one of four categories --- White, Black, Asian, or Hispanic. Furthermore, the map indicates the density of each ethnic group by selectively color coding based on the dominate ethnic group. The dark colored areas in each category is an indicator of where that ethnic group has the highest concentration of that group as compared to the other groups. It is important to understand that even in the highest concentrated areas that that does no preclude another ethnic group from being present. To determine the number of people that live in an area you should view the population density map. Sources: US Census Bureau and Synergos Technologies, Inc.

From last week, here's Zillow.com again for those of you who missed the coolest on-line tool to help you investigate property and tax information. It uses the google maps interface making data retrieval really quick.
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