Merriweather Library Conversation

I started covering the City's newest library over a year ago. Here's what I posted the other day. It's ready to open on April 1st. While I was initially impressed with the development, I've changed my mind over the last year regarding various aspects of the building's design. George over at Buffalo Rising used one of my pics yesterday in a post and asked the obvious question, "Why did the Merriweather Library get a pass?" If you haven't seen the thread of comments yet, check it out. 80+ comments dealing with race, design and the built environment.
In terms of blogging, this sort of cross-posting happens often here in Buffalo, NY See Alan's piece...

The other question of course that is not being asked is this. What's going to happens to the old library building the City of Buffalo owns on East Utica? Last time I checked it wasn't on the City's list of property for sale. I mean, shouldn't it have been on that list a year ago? "Hello, may I speak to Byron...."

On a related note...here's a google satellite image of the neighborhood around the Merriweather Library. (Drill down for more detail.) The high density area to the north and east of the library site is Hamlin Park. And in a related matter, I have a few dozen daily hits coming from this site over on wikipedia dealing with that increasingly larger and ever growing phenomenon known as the "urban prairie." Seems like someone linked to an earlier post I wrote where I compared the urban density of Utica/Jefferson with the more familiar intersection of Utica/Elmwood. Check it out!
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