On Woodlawn Avenue

I know, there is lots to see here on the City's East Side, more than just our share of abandoned, boarded, derlict and vacant buildings. When you come over to take a look you'll see a wide range of new homes that have been built in the last 10 years. The owner of this home, one block away from the Woodlawn Row Houses never needs to shovel.
He took care of the problem years ago when he installed radiant heat in his driveway. I've been waiting all winter to show just how this works. On the coldest days of the winter, no need to shovel or plow the driveway here on Woodlawn Avenue.

Wonder if any other driveways in the City have this built-in. The only other example that I know about is the radiant heated sidewalk at Elmwood and Bird in front of We Never Close. Any other examples?
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Anonymous said...

The Main Library has this feature and was the first, I believe, in the city to do so. It was a marvel when it was installed as I can recall as a little kid - and that was quite some time ago....