Old Buffalo Candy Store - Not for kids anymore

Stopped at the corner of Roherer and Woodlawn while returing home from an early lunch this afernoon. And while thinking of small houses recently, I'd remembered this, 416 Woodlawn Avenue. While walking around back, I saw the door was opened, pic. Two guys were just getting dressed. Really. I took the pictures and left. A woman down the street flagged me down, thought I was a building inspector and told me that the little place used to be a candy store, back in the day.
City records indicate this 150 sq ft building is actually located on a parcel called 412 Woodlawn Avenue. The City scooped it up at the tax sale last year. It's kattywampus from Buffalo Public School #53 located at 329 Roehrer. Two other houses were wide open, next door.
  • 374 Roehrer - front pic and rear pic - has been owned by the City of Buffalo, since 11/05
  • 377 Roehrer - front pic and side pic - has been owned by NY Libery Homes, LLC (aka, Scott Wizig) since 2/01.
Here's the map [quikmaps] school proximity. All three places within 100' of School #53. Plywood is cheap. Kid's safety. Priceless.
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Anonymous said...

why were the two men getting dressed? do they live there? do they come with the house?

fixBuffalo said...

they might just be on a month to month lease...

Anonymous said...

This is one of the coolest buildings I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

To be honest.. I would rather look at this house than the cookie cutter tract housing that is springing up in the "boom towns" across the US.