Antione goes to Albany

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Anonymous said...

Ha! That's a classic.

And remember to take a picture of the same building, likely in even worse condition, a few years from now after BB has graduated to Congress and that billboard has an "AT for Mayor" sign.

fixBuffalo said...

the location...just past Jefferson. You can see the billboard from the 33 going towards Clarence!

Anonymous said...

ANOTHER BYRON BROWN clone. Acareer politician looking to better only himselh. PREDICTION]...his most outstanding legislation will be to name a highway after some deserving fellow!! With the controversy today in BUFFALO regarding vacant delapidated buildings.. you would think that he would of been more choosey where his election campaign posts his banners. SHOWS only one thing....he is only concerned about HIMSELF.ACTIONS SPEAK MUCH LOUDER THAN WORDS!!

fixBuffalo said...

a few of these buildings housed the Solenzer soda pop plant, in the 600 block of Genesee. The cluster-f*ck is this story at 669 Genesee Street, just out of site from this location.

Another in a long line of totally (un)necessary tax payer funded demoltions.

Anonymous said...

For all of you naysayers and political lackeys who believe that Marc Coppola was a better candidate than Antoine Thompson you need to check out Antoine's record of accomplishment.

As a leader in the Masten District Antoine has consistently delivered services to neighbors and businesses alike.

Read the State of Masten Report (link listed below) for all that he accomplished. His legislation, community support and the exact amount of funding he has brought to HIS community is listed for all to view.

Additionally, Antoine posted his calendar in Janaury for the entire year for all to view and participate in.

Therefore before you speak what you dont know - do you research first!!!


fixBuffalo said...


I think you mean this link.