The Greening of Buffalo

Made Wikipedia a while back. Someone (not me) linked this earlier post - Demolitions and the Urban Prairie - to the entry for "Urban Prairie" on Wikipedia.
Buffalo's Urban Prairie
This snap is looking SE towards St. Anne's from the corner of Mortimer and Sycamore Streets. Word is St. Anne's is on the Bishop's chopping block. It has fewer than 100 families supporting the church and adjacent structures. The one block big school at St. Anne's can be seen from rooftops all over the City including the Bunny-District and Masten. Can't wait to get in. Sometime soon.

update...The above pic was taken right here, at the corner of Mortimer and Sycamore where a beautiful little brick house - new roof, soffits - once stood. Lots of work, but totally "do-able." And so it goes...
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the grass is so green what do you use on it?

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