More about the Weber Building

Learned recently that the A. L. Weber Building [quikmap] which was originally constructed in 1921 is now undergoing a complete restoration. We chatted with the mason who was working the building's exterior. He let us in! Brilliant loft space! I'll get to the roof here soon. Check out the A. L. Weber slideshow. Turns out that a local religous organization is locating a community center here on Genesee Street.
Compared to this pic, from last May - Weber has white and grey boards - it's really turned the corner. Here's a brief slide show from that time, May 2005 on Genesee. Two other recently related posts - Go East... and Art on Genesee...

Walking the neighborhood provides an amazing link to our City's past. The vision and street planning. So cool how High Street connects Main and this section of Genesee, map once more. St. Mary's dominates the neighborhood and surrounding areas with it's restoration and romanesque architecture. The Electric Building downtown is perfectly centered in the streetscape as you look west. It actually glows in the morning as the sun rises. RIP - 669.
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