Woodlawn Row Houses - September 2006

I've been writing about the Woodlawn Row Houses for two years. They are owned by the City of Buffalo and available for purchase. I'll help anyone who is interested in developing this property negotiate the purchase with the City. I'm not an attorney, just a guy who lives down the street who may be able to help you access City Hall. Historic tax-credits may be available as the property is designated a "local-landmark" by the City's Preservation Board.
The row is directly across the street from the new home of Performing Arts High School where a $30 million reconstruction project is currently taking place. Here's the map and the scoop on the school. Finding someone willing to take on this project is why I started blogging, two years ago. Please take a moment to sign the Petition to Save the Woodlawn Row Houses, if you haven't done so already.

Check out the archive to see this demolition by neglect - it's a textbook case! If you want a tour...let me know. I've got this rechargable key that can get us in.
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