Steps from Main Street

This house at 11 Holland Place is steps from Artspace [google map]. I placed it on my radar in May of 2005 when the current owner Dana Upcher and her husband Venere Hutchinson were picked up in Tennessee on outstanding Housing Court warrants. Here's that story from May and later in June. According to City records the house is still owned by Dana Upcher. There's no longer a Housing Court case for this property. 


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I'm not sure how to reach Dana. Perhaps through Housing Court as her husband is on the installment program for the record $79,000 fines that were imposed at sentencing. I can't imagine she wants much to do with this place. I walked around the property the other day. It appears structurally sound, the roof is newer, and with the exception of the porch post on the left, the house is in reasonably good condition. The house is currently vacant. 

If you are interested in buying this house, let me know. I'll do my best to help locate the owner.
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Anonymous said...

This is an incredible house!

Jackie said...

This house was gorgeous. Did anyone ever take it over?