Late Notice - Coe Place Block Club Mtg.

Coe Place block club meeting. Thursday at 5:30pm at Belmont Shelter. Sorry for the late notice. Make sure to check out the Coe Place Archive for background issues. Hope to hear from Liz Huckabone or Mike Riegel at Belmont regarding Hamilton Ward House plans. You'll remember Belmont withdrew their demolition application after being called out by neighbors and in the local blogosphere.

They erected a flagpole - like a day later - by their building's main rear entrance and installed a spotlight to illuminate the flag at night. Of course it also shines on the Hamilton Ward House, too. See this - Shining the Light. Credit Belmont with a great board up job, that's still secure and a clean-up of the City owned lot next door at 17 Coe Place.

Curious? Public meeting. Everyone is welcome. Will report back...

Update...1230pm...Liz just called. Meeting cancelled. Keep you posted.

Second Update...330am...just curious and before I start calling out names...are block club meeting open to the public or closed to a certain group based on residence...just wondering. Before I start posting again...
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