Coe Place...Round 2 - follow up

Yesterday I sent out a round of e-mails to various "Friends of Coe Place", with this post and wrote:
MBBA controls two of the most vulnerable houses on Coe Place and I'm rather stuck and stymied about what is to be done. Let me know what your thoughts are and how we should best proceed.
Some of the responses included:
  • MBBA is Scott Wizig x5 and with public funds. While they have purchased the City's tax liens on all of the 1500 or so, they haven't taken title to many, if any at all. Additionally 2 more years of arrears have bult up, so it is possible they could end up in the City's In Rem process again. Quite a mess.
  • You need a non-profit to apply for the money and be the manager of the rehab
  • Get something in Albany papers about how the state screws cities
  • Landmark Coe Place and establish an historic district
  • Time to lean on state legislators?
  • Please get in touch with KCA, there is a process of getting the liens released from MBBA
In an extended e-mail exchange with one friend of Coe Place we're in agreement. The only way out of this mess - and I believe along with another contributor that MBBA wants nothing more than to make this mess go away - that these two houses on Coe Place could be rescued in one of two ways. Establishing a unique partnership with existing developers capable of taking at least a five year view with owner occupancy being the goal. Or, individually by an investor willing to jump through some hoops and do the same. Private money isn't encumbered and held to the same standards as publicly funded projects and doesn't take as long to establish.

No doubt, the Artspace Impact Area presents some unique opportunities. The question is whether 28 and 39 Coe Place will see the street's emerging vibrancy or be trucked off to a land fill in Niagara Falls.

And Amy sent this in:
Cool, it's from The Onion.
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