One Block from the Medical Corridor

A new fixBuffalo fan, tipped me off to the beauty of this place in Buffalo's Fruit Belt neighborhood. 204 High Street this week.  This Italianate beauty is uniquely shaped. It wraps in "L" fashion around a chestnut treed vacant lot at the corner of High and Maple.  It appears as though the section in the middle, with the three windows, is a connecting structure.


One neighbor to told me that 204 was last a doctor's office that closed in 1979. A second neighbor who has lived next door since 1959, said no one has lived or worked here since.  This google satellite image reveals the building's unique shape and proximity to Buffalo General Hospital and Roswell Park. The pic on the left is the 291 Maple Street entrance and on the right is 204 High Street.

DSCN5170 DSCN5189
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How can we better manage our City's decline? A simple inventory of City-owned property - proximity to new investment as in Medical Corridor, Artspace and Joint School Reconstruction Project schools - would be a good first step.  

Suggestions? The demolition paperwork is stapled to the door. Imagine, a doctor's office next to a major medical center.  

Next stop City Hall.  This demolition must be stopped.  

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Anonymous said...

That building looks like something ripe for a Civil War reenactment.

I'm sure there are plenty more treasures to be found thoughout the densely-forested Fruit Belt.

fixBuffalo said...

I think they are about the same age as the victorians on Washington, not too far away. You know the ones that are owned by Buffalo Medical Group and full of medical offices.

BuffaloRox said...

If you're talking about the offices on the backside of the Allen/Hospital metro stop, last I read, they were slated for demolition so that Allen St. could be connected to High St. I thought that the buildings were offered for free (or something close to it) to anyone who would move them.

Anonymous said...

If I wanted to prchse this building and rehab it, how would I go about doing it? Now that it has been marked for demolition, is it even possible?

fixBuffalo said...


Yes. If you are serious, contact me. I'll help you negotiate the maze.

Anonymous said...

We started the paper work to purchase this building from the city last spring. We wanted to rehab the front into office space or restaurant and the back building into a residence. We toured the building twice and it appeared to be structurally sound other than the center area connecting the back and front structures. It needs some masonry work but it can be repaired. The back Victorian Italianate is a beauty, yet the fireplaces and staircase have been removed my vandals. We wanted it. We envisioned what it could be and its value to the Medical Corridor and we were met by City Hall Bureaucracy and red tape. We got so frustrated we gave up and now it is on the demo list. This building should be saved not turned into another parking lot.

fixBuffalo said...


Sounds like a very interesting plan.

Please contact me, via e-mail. I've helped a few others negotiate this maze. It's cumbersome.

I've been assured by a very progessive member of the preservation board that the demolition if off.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

10/2/06 7pm

Thanks for your offer to help us out but unfortunately, we invested our money in another house on the West Side. We just purchased a foreclosed property and will be involved with its renovation. We have tried a few times to work with the city and its real estate office and have come up against road blocks each time. We are not wealthy investors. We are just a thirty something couple that wants to make a difference in our city. We saved our present home from demolition in 2002 when we purchased it for $6200.00. Fortunately we purchased it from a Bank and did not have to go through any red tape with the city.

We would love to see someone step up and do something with the property on High St. The city owns the lot next door and if the house is spared the developer could use the lot for parking to the property.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be for us, but we hope that it can be spared from the wrecking ball. We will read your blog for updates.

Mirella and Edwin J.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a beauty! Wish I had the money. I'd love to live there! Grand old home. Unfortunaly looks like a bit more than a handyman special and I cant afford to pay people to fix it. :-(

Anonymous said...

anyone know what kind of condition the interior is in??

fixBuffalo said...

Anon 12:03 AM,

Needs tons of love. New services and shell work. Still has excellent lines, despite abandonment. Let me know if you wanna tour...

Anonymous said...

How much would this place cost in its current condition to buy it from the city just out of curiosit?