Tale of Two Cities...Follow-up

The small apartment building at 60 Brantford burned on Friday May 13, 2005 in Buffalo's Elmwood Village. All sorts of flames, a spectacular and devastating fire. Three years earlier there was a similar fire at 198 Glenwood Avenue. Both corner properties and close to schools. I wanted a first hand account of how fires and demolitions are handled in more affluent areas and here over in my neighborhood, one of Buffalo's poorest. I began writing - June 4, 2005July 27, 2005February 2, 2006February 13, 2006 - and attended a few Housing Court sessions where Council Member Joe Golombek was also present and following the case, personally. He wanted action, fast. He got it.
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Last week I noticed that Paul Johnson's crews were installing radiant heated sidewalks around 60 Brantford. A few days later, while on my way to the Merriweather to hear the Power Failure book talk, I took a closer look at the condition of the sidewalks around the corner at 198 Glenwood. Remember, the City of Buffalo took possession of this property a year ago, three years after the fire. Now, rather than pursue the owner in Housing Court, tax payers will fund the bill for the estimated 10-15K demolition. No rush, some day.

Same City and very different rules. Just over a mile away [google map].
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