A Tale of Two Cities...Chapter 2

Last month I presented Chapter 1 comparing two satellite views of Utica Avenue, one at Elmwood and the other at Jefferson Avenue. You can see those pictures over here. Cool shots of the ever increasingly larger "urban prairie" where people used to live in real houses. This month we have another comparison, Chapter 2 - Fire Damage.

Fire damaged houses are the pretty much the norm on many blocks here on the city's east-side. That's not the case in more affluent neighborhoods in the Elmwood Village and Delaware District until recently.
198 Glenwood Avenue 675 Potomac Avenue
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The first house is located at 198 Glenwood Avenue and the second, perhaps more familiar, is located at 60 Brantford. See this map!

198 Glenwood was partially destroyed by fire 3 years ago. It's located just one very short city block away from the new home of Performing Arts High School located at the corner of Masten & Woodlawn. See this map! There is an outstanding Housing Court warrant for the owner.

60 Brantford was partially destroyed by fire on Friday May 13th! Apparently the owner failed to pay his fire insurance premium and is now trying to sell the place thru Holcberg Realty as there is now a sign posted, even though Carol Holcberg doesn't have 60 Brantford listed on her website. Wonder why that is?

Question? Which house do you think will be "secured" or "properly enclosed" first? Keep in mind that both houses are very near schools and that 198 Glenwood has a 3 year head start!

Any other guesses as to why 60 Brantford is still wide open? Let me know...

Chapter 3....coming soon!
*** Update ***
June 5, 2005
A few people tried to call me out on the what I said about fire damaged houses
being a norm here on the east-side of Buffalo. Here's an example of another one
just south of Broadway on Playter Street. The Lt. Col. Matt Urban Center which
used to be called the Polish Community Center is right across the street.
Terminal City
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