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...imagine that the tables were turned. Imagine that through some accident of history the City of New York held title to the Outer Harbor and refused to relinquish it unless and until it was developed in an environmentally-friendly manner -- oh, let's say a big park. The economic desperation of Buffalo would mean nothing, of course, because NYC rules.

Can you imagine what David Franczyk (and the environmentalists in Buffalo) would have to say about that?

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  • 7/5/05 City of Good Neighbors...Not & Cindy Lauer's letter from Perrysburg
  • 6/13/05 An update
  • 5/9/05 Another City Park
  • 3/17/05 Introduction and additional background
  • 2/5/05 City of Good Neighbors - Early History of the Site, Part II
  • 2/5/05 A New City Park?
  • 1/20/05 A Match Made in Perrysburg
  • 1/19/05 Killing the Forest to Save a Few Trees
  • 1/18/05 Who's Running This Place?
  • 1/17/05 One Flew East, One Flew West...
  • 1/16/05 Blogging from Perrysburg - Early History of the Site, Part I
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Recent Buffalo News articles and letters...
  • Friends of JN Adam & a petition to save the trees from the diabolical ax wielding Tom Trathen. PLUS new pictures showing very few trees on the site, back in the day.
  • 7/8/05 Last Gasp for Hospital, by Elizabeth Benjamin

In upstate New York, the Adirondack town of Saranac Lake is synonymous with tuberculosis treatment. Patients with the disease came to the picturesque waterfront community, where TB research pioneer Edward Livingston Trudeau had his laboratory, to sit on the porches of massive Victorians and take “the rest cure,” a regime based on fresh air and relaxation.

But there were other lesser known TB treatment facilities scattered around the state, including one built outside Buffalo...
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