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I've been taking pictures and documenting the "demolition by neglect" of the Woodlawn Row Houses for the past 17 months. On Friday afternoon I coincidentally met a man, originally from St. Kitts and now living in Brooklyn, walking around the row houses as I was taking pictures. He had a well worn Catalog of City Property For Sale with him.
Woodlawn Row Houses - June, 2005 Woodlawn Row Houses - June, 2005
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He told me an inspiring story of his recent investment in the city. He purchased a number of homes in the Genesee & Bailey area and is looking forward to his family joining him soon in another house that he in renovating in the Fillmore District.

I also had an opportunity to talk with my two neighbors who live adjacent to the Woodlawn Row Houses. They are extremely concerned about their own safety and expressed the same concern to me about the possible fire damage to their own homes if something happens to the Woodlawn Row Houses.

I told them that I will have the opportunity on June 9th to meet with Judge Henry Nowak, from Buffalo's Housing Court, to discuss this text book case of "demolition by neglect." Judge Nowak has asked me to serve on a new community preservation task-force that he has started. One of the goals is to specifically address these sorts of concerns. The first meeting is this Thursday in Council Chambers at 7pm.

I will be presenting the Petition to Save the Woodlawn Row Houses to Judge Nowak during the course of the meeting. If you haven't signed the petition, please do so before Thursday. Most of the neighbors have signed a "hard-copy" and you can read and sign the on-line petition right here.
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